Are coffee cups recyclable?


Are coffee cups recyclable?

Every morning flocks of workers are waiting for their morning caffeine hit. Baristas take orders, scrawl on lids, froth milk and operate the steaming machines to extract the fragrant and exhilarating liquid.


But at the end of these production lines, replicated all around the world, the rubbish bins are overflowing with disposable cups and lids. Cups are left on benches, at bus stops, blowing down the street and rolling in the gutters.

Many coffee shops give the impression their cups are recycled, or at least recyclable… but are they really?

The answer is that most of them are not. A lot of coffee lovers who try to do the right thing and recycle their cup may be doing more harm than good. The plastic waterproof lining of many paper coffee cups means they can’t be recycled with collections of paper and cardboard and will most likely contaminate a load, causing the whole lot to be sent to landfill.


So, what’s a caffeine-craving consumer can do to tackle this environmental issue?


  1. Bring your own cup – Avoiding disposable coffee cups is an easy way to reduce waste, reusable cups are widely available, and more cafés offer discounts for bringing your own cup
  2. Chose cafes that use biodegradable cups (such as cups) – Biodegradable cups are lined with plant-based PLA, not plastic
  3. Get the message out there – It matters so share it, like it or retweet it


TheWesley is dedicated to reducing waste and impact on the environment, we only use compostable disposables.

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