The Garage Reopened & the story behind it!


After months of lockdown, Our beloved cafe The Garage is BACK! With changes to maintain the health and safety of our staff.

New MEASURES PUT IN our cafe:


We have added safety screens to our popular café. To protect our employees when serving our guests. Our staff receives weekly Covid-19 testing. We have meticulous cleaning schedules. To maintain the cleanliness of our kitchen and food preparation.



Our cutlery is wooden, disposable and compostable. In line with our eco-friendly practice.






Our garage menu has received a fresh update! We are serving full English breakfast made to order all day.  Alongside other popular dishes. Including traditional fish & chips, margherita & pepperoni pizza, grilled chicken & chips served with a fresh salad plus more.



Before the pandemic. We found that there was a curiosity amongst our guests. In how and our garage started. So we thought it was perfect time to give you the story behind it.

The garage started when we asked the questions.” Can we be ethical with our space?” “Can we engage the local community with our ethos at TheWesley?” Both of these questions lead to the word’s ‘coffee shop’. So The Garage café came to light!

We started with the premise that we wanted to reuse and recycle. This meant that we had to get creative with the art and our signage.

The art was gifted to us by a local student. Who used the project towards her final grade. This gave us beautiful character and brightened up our wall. Since then, we have been working with London Art Club. Who have been adding little bits of art. Everywhere you could think to put art and a few places that you wouldn’t.

Our signs are from off cuts of wood generated by work done in the hotel. Written in chalk to make them reusable. As for the iconic tire-wheel sign outside our café. That was given to us by Camden Cycles bike shop.

Once you limit yourself you find new options open up to you. You will find that those creative solutions are often more interesting. Nobody out there has the same art as us. We aren’t wasting resources to make new signs to update our information. All this makes us uniquely the one, the only, The Garage.


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