A message from our CEO


As the CEO, I hope you have stayed safe and well. It surely has been a difficult time so each of us who have made it this far has a reason to be thankful for good health.


The reason for getting in touch is to thank you for being our greatest supporter.  You have been our guest on a number of occasions and it is the custom from you and others who stay in our bedrooms, meet in our conference rooms, hold events in our spaces or dine in our bar and restaurant that has made us the success we are. So a BIG THANK YOU!


Secondly is to let you know that we have missed you greatly during the lockdown caused by the novel Covid 19. Our business like all others has suffered greatly. We desperately need your custom now to remain solvent. We have established strict safety regime and cleanliness in order to ensure that the hotel is a safe place to sleep meet and eat. Further details are available on our website and we can post the Health and Safety manual should you need to be reassured.


We are however confident that with your support we will rise again and continue to be your Hotel, Conference Centre and Restaurant/Bar of choice.  Our food and drinks will be served mainly in The Garage, our outdoor eatery which means that you are in less danger of the pandemic. You alone or together with a group of six can also book to have a private meal in the expansive Savannah Bar and Restaurant where we will ensure that groups stay as far as possible from each other or a singular group in one of our Private events room.


We have sincerely missed you and cannot wait to welcome you back from this Saturday 4th of July 2020. There will be a 15% discount of any product advertised for you as our returning client.


The reason you should chose us is not just because we are one of the best hotels in London but more so because one third of your spending is given away as a gift-aid to various projects to support those who find themselves on the economic margins of the society. By supporting us, you are supporting a large number of people who need our help both in UK and globally.


We welcome you with open arms and our team will receive you with a smile and give you personalised customer service. Thank you for considering us in your next visit. If not yourself, please recommend us to your family member, friend or colleague who may be visiting London soon with the assurance that they will get first class personalised service.


With sincere thanks and every best wish.


John Nyota