1. How does the Euston hotel TheWesley maintain such prestigious housekeeping standards?


TheWesley maintains such prestigious standards by having a good team managed by a good team leader and maintaining good communication with each other. Whilst following advice from senior management and working together as a team. 


2. What advice would you give to a young housekeeper starting their career hoping to progress into management?


The most important advice I would give is to always keep high standards. Secondly having excellent customer services skills and the ability to build good relationships with other staff members. Finally having strong leadership skills which include good communication skills, strategic thinking and people management skills.


3. Has COVID-19 changed the way you may normally interact with guests at the Euston hotel?


COVID-19 has changed the way we normally interact with guests. By not being able to have normal face to face interaction with them using online software to communicate also the wearing of face masks have limited ways of expressing our self as we can no longer read facial expressions.


4. What do you enjoy most about your job?


I enjoy communicating with guests as well as interacting with other team members to ensure the hotel is running smoothly. I also enjoy the peaceful working environment that TheWesley provides from the aesthetics of the building to the team’s working attitudes.


5. What are the key qualities that make the difference between a “good” and an “excellent” housekeeper?


A good housekeeper will listen and take action to instructions that have been given whereas an excellent housekeeper will show their initiative and take control by perhaps using their skills and knowledge to present a more beneficial route and work without any direct instructions.




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