We built our company up to be what it is today because of the people working for us. Dedicated people who go the extra mile because they believe in our message and we believe in them which is why we supply on job training that has helped many of our entry level employees grow to become part of our upper management team.


We have found the more we invest in people the greater their motivation to succeed becomes. We always try to promote from within, hoping to inspire our employees to believe that they are not suck at one level and that they are at they can achieve more. And we help them do just that by providing resources for off site training.


Our hard work has paid off because we have received a Gold accreditation from Investing in People, a third party auditor, who sets new standard for better people management.


All this inspires loyalty in our employees because they feel as though they are a part of our family. This helps to reduce staff turn around and helps with the wellbeing of the hotel