1. What is your favourite part of being a duty manager in the Euston hotel TheWesley? 


I have been at the Euston Hotel TheWesley for over three years in my role as Duty Manager. I can say this is the most satisfying job of my career in the Hospitality Industry. What I enjoy about my role the most is delivering a warm and caring service, creating unique experiences to enhance our guests’ stay. Also, it is a great opportunity in terms of developing interpersonal skills. Particularly for people who love to constantly learn and self develop.

2. How has COVID-19 changed the way you would normally greet guests arriving at the Euston hotel TheWesley? 


It has been quite challenging having to change the way we welcome our guests. As physical contact is fundamental to working in the hospitality industry. It is our priority to provide a warm and welcoming environment to make guests feel comfortable and safe. Especially during these difficult circumstances. I also miss seeing a smile from our lovely guests hidden by them having to wear face masks!

3. What can guests expect when they stay at Euston Hotel TheWesley? 


TheWesley is located on a quiet road in Central London called Euston Street the hotel is a few minutes walk from Euston station one of the most connected station in England. Alongside Warren Street and Euston Square Underground stations. Whether our guests visit us for business or leisure, they can enjoy our surrounding areas. Within walking distance, as well as getting around the lively Central London! We ensure  high levels of cleanliness in our comfortable bedrooms and around the rest of the hotel.    Furthermore, our attentive and helpful team is an added value that actively contributes to our guests high levels of satisfaction during their visit.

4. What procedures have you implemented in reception to keep guests and staff safe?


The front of house team has been trained in how to keep our guest’s safe from COVID-19. Safety measures such as the meticulous sanitisation of all the surfaces in reception, magnetic keys, pens and safety screens have been introduced.
All of the team use the relevant PPE which is also available to our guests and hand sanitiser dispensers are checked regularly by our thorough housekeeping department. 

5. What advice would you give a young Front of house staff looking to becoming a duty manager?


My first bit of advice is you need to be a highly motivated person, passionate about providing outstanding service to guests. As well as being committed to everything you do. Alongside high levels of attention to detail, these qualities make a big difference in professional growth. Collaborative and communicative among other Departments and being a leader who cares about the well-being of the Team and sets a good example is the best advice I could give for anyone looking to step up and become a duty manager!

6. Tell us about an enjoyable experience you have had working at the Front of House!


We had a large conference group booking for a few days. I still remember how pleased they where with their experience and delighted to have received amazing service from the team.  It was such a great achievement for us when they left fantastic and memorable feedback. As the group choose to stay with us on other  occasions!



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