How to shop safely on the High Street!


High street retailers have opened again after three months allowing customers to return to their favourite retailers. So we have put together everything you need to know about how to shop safely and the measures that have now been put in place to stop spread of Covid-19.

The following measures have been put in place:


A maximum limit on the number of customers allowed in the store at one time. Protective screens at tills and hand-sanitiser at the entrance to the store and near to escalators. Many fitting rooms are set to remain closed. Shops are only legally being allowed to reopen if they are ‘Covid-secure’.

Shops that have reopened on Monday 15th June 2020:


• Tailors
• Toy stores
• Bookshops
• Indoor markets
• Auction houses
• Furniture shops
• Electronics stores
• Photography studios
• Clothing and shoe shops

Our TOP 3 TIPS to shop safely:


1. Stay 2 metres away from staff members and other customers:


It is essential that when you are shopping in supermarkets or high street retailers you stay clear of other customers to maintain the social distance guidelines. Some supermarkets are helping with this by limiting the number of people who can enter their store at any given time. It is important to maintain a distance from surfaces that the general public has come into contact with inside the shop. Also, do not forget to avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose until you’ve washed your hands. Some stores are providing hand sanitiser and are cleaning shopping trolleys and baskets between customers however it is vital you maintain your own personal hygiene and don’t solely rely on the places you are shopping in.

2. Shop alone if possible:


Shopping alone will reduce the number of people inside the store, helping to make social distancing much easier to achieve. It also reduces the number of people from your household exposed to the outdoors. On average, people have coronavirus for five days before they develop any symptoms and so, therefore, during that time, you can spread the virus without even knowing.

3. Use delivery services available by supermarkets:


The fewer people there are on the streets and in the shops means there will be less chance of spreading coronavirus to other people. This will help slow and ease the peak of infections.

As a large amount of the population is excited to finally be able to go back to their favourite high street brands and retailers for the first time in a while. With changing rooms now being closed as one of the measures put in place for clothing shops to reopen we have brought to you our three top ways to ensure you are still able to shop successfully.

Our TOP 3 ways to ensure you SHOP SUCCESSFULLY:


1. Shopping Preparation


A shopping list is vital when you want to minimise the time you are in public. Have a specific idea in mind of what you want to shop for. Take a look through your wardrobe beforehand and identify any gaps you have.

2. Check out size charts


Before you go back to your favourite high street shops, check the size charts online and measure your leg length, hips, waist, shoulders and bust, to see how you fare in each store. Knowing this information will limit your chances of you having to return items due to size issues.

3. Self Analysis


The best way to see if an item suits your skin tone in a shop is to stand in very good lighting and hold it up to your face