Importantly as the government’s guidelines have now shifted allowing unlimited exercise & summer is already here . We brought you the best outdoor spaces to exercise while social distancing after the lock down!

Regents Park


Firstly, outdoor space to feature in our new series is Regents Park located in Camden boarding Westminster. The park’s name comes from King George IV, who commissioned the project to turn it into a public park before he was king; his title at the time was Prince Regent.

Five Fun Facts about Regents Park:


1. The park is one of London’s eight Royal Parks and covers an area of 395 acres.

2. The lake in Regent’s Park is now off limits unless you’re a duck or piloting a paddle-boat, previously every winter the lake turned into a ice skating ring.

3. Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens within the Inner Circle is a beautiful area of the park, but for those who explore a little deeper, there’s a lesser-known garden just outside the Inner Circle.

4. Regent Street was originally built to link Regent’s Park to Carlton House, near Piccadilly.

5. Primrose Hill, to the north of Regent’s Park, is one of the best places to watch fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night or New Years Eve rising 256 feet into the air.

Exercise / Activities to do in Regents Park:


100 acres of Regents Park is set aside for sports, making it the perfect place to jog, cycle, play frisbee, play rounders and more.

Regents Park is located 0.6 miles away from our hotel. While staying at our hotel why not visit the beautiful park and see the vibrant scenery.

Address: Chester Rd, London NW1 4NR

We advise you walk there to help stop the spread of Covid-19. However we have provided the bus route below if have to use public transport. Our hotel is a approximately a 13 minute walk away from the park via Robert St.

Buses that go to Regents Park from our hotel: 18, 30 & 205

Bus Route: Euston Station ( Stop H) – Harley Street ( Stop L) The journey is approximately 12 minutes.


Hyde Park

Secondly another iconic outdoor space is Hyde Park, located in Central London boarding Mayfair & Kensington Gardens. Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London and one of the royal parks of London.

In addition we have put together some fun activities for you to do when you visit the park.

Exercise/ Activities to do in Hyde Park:


1. Cycling

2. Jogging

3. Rounder’s with people who live in your household

4. Bodyweight Training

5. Circuit Training with cones, skipping ropes & resistance bands

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Five Fun Facts about Hyde Park:


1. Notably the Park has been a part of some of the most iconic music events in history with artists from Pavarotti, Pink Floyd and the Rolling stones headlining.

2. You might be surprised to find out the park hasn’t always been a park! It was originally used as a hunting ground for King Henry VIII.

3. The Serpentine Lake is 40 acre and was created in 1730 at the behest of Queen Caroline.

4. The Marble Arch was originally built in 1827 as a gateway to Buckingham Palace.
However, it was moved to its present location in 1851.

5. Lastly, in 1637 King Charles l opened the park to the public. Architecture Decimus Burton planned the parks current layout in 1825.

Places to see within the park:


• Statue of Achilles
• Speakers Corners
• Boy & Dolphin Fountain
• Norwegian War Memorial
• Princess Diana memorial fountain

River Thames

The third outdoor space is the River Thames the longest river in England. The river flows through Southern England.

Five Fun about the River Thames:


1. There are over 80 islands in the Thames.

2. Over 200 bridges cross the river first built by Romans.

3. The Thames path is the longest river walk in Europe at 184 miles long the perfect place to cycle along.

4. The River Thames is also home to over 200 rowing clubs making it the home of UK rowing.

5. Over 125 different fish species reside in the river.

Bonus Fact:


A rare breed of Seahorse has been found living in the river!

Landmarks to jog & cycle past along the River Thames:


• The London Eye
• Tower of London
• Greenwich Park
• Tate Modern + Tate Britain
• The Palace of Westminster

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Richmond Park

We head over to the Richmond Park in South West London this week. Richmond Park is located in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and the largest of London’s Royal Parks.

Five Facts about Richmond Park:


  1. The park is home to over 600 red and fallow deer.
  2.  There has been over 144 different bird species recorded at the park.
  3. The park is a leading UK site for ancient trees, particularly oaks, which have great historic and ecological importance.
  4. Just less than 856 hectares of the park is a site of Special Scientific Interest.
  5. The Friends of Richmond Park is a charity organization that was established in 1961 to protect the peace and natural beauty of the park.

Exercise/ Activities to do in the park:


  • Visit the deer
  • Explore the nature , ponds, trees, grasses & wildflowers
  • Walk, run or cycle along Tamsin Trail, a 7.35 mile long track along the edge of the map.

Best Cycle & Walk Paths in London


We have provided you the best cycle & walk paths in London to keep you active during lockdown with enough space to social distance.

1.Regent’s Canal to London Fields (Total distance, 2.5 Miles)


This route runs through a lovely stretch of Regent’s Canal towpath, kicking off at Limehouse Basin and meandering along the waterway that runs alongside Mile End Park, Victoria Park and London Fields.

 2. Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace (Total distance, 3.9 Miles)


On this route you can embrace nature while riding through two of north London’s most loved parks. Starting in Finsbury Park, the flat path winds its way along the Parkland Walk – a tree-lined track of an old disused railway.

3. King’s Cross to Notting Hill ( Total distance, 5.9 Miles)


A mainly flat route along one of the capital’s hidden gems. After joining the Regent’s Canal Towpath at Granary Square you’re pretty much plain sailing until you reach west London’s iconic Trellick Tower.

 4.The Tower of London to Big Ben ( Total distance, 2.7 Miles)


This route is one of the most sightseeing packed routes in the world passing The Shard, Shakespeare’s Globe and Tate Modern and more. 

5.Regents Parks to Hampstead Heath


Starting at Regents Park, you can cycle through Queen Mary’s Rose Garden and on to Primrose Hill. Dodge tourists in Camden, and then mosey on up to Hampstead Heath, where the views from Parliament Hill are worth all that pedalling.

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