Responsible Sourcing


Responsible Sourcing

Being ethical is not a one-man job. We depend on our suppliers for the fish we serve in the restaurant, (James Knight). The energy we use in the building (Good Energy) who supply 100% renewably sourced electricity. Right down to the chemicals we use to clean which are only Eco-labels chemicals (Apollo Janitorial Supplies).

But just sorting from suppliers that are ethical is not enough for us. We always try source from as close to home as we can, preferably within a 50 miles radius to reduce the carbon footprint. And we always try to source from family and small suppliers to encourage small businesses to grow and cut out price incentivized middlemen. And we review all evidence for accolades and accreditations (such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001, Social and Sustainability schemes and other environmental initiatives) and only work with companies that have proven track of the quality of work performed. We even perform regular premises and farm visits in order to ascertain and regulate compliance with our criteria.

So when you come and stay at TheWesley you know without having to ask that we have gone the extra mile to make sure that the meat you eat in the Savannah is traceable back to the farm it came from, that the bed sheets that you sleep on are cleaned with products specially developed for minimal (or zero) environmental impact, and that the soap that you use in our bathrooms is made from organic ingredients and are accredited by the Vegetarian and Vegan Society, so that you can enjoy your time with us without having to worry about the cost of the environment.

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