The 18th of March marks Global Recycling Day, here at TheWesley Hotel London green living is a part of who we are and what we do. Through the midst of a global pandemic, our commitment to eco-friendly programs and initiatives to protect our surroundings and minimise our carbon footprint has been stronger than ever. We recently won the Paper Round ‘Award For Recycling’ and our significant contribution towards helping the environment. 

The fact that large amounts of waste are reusable means that businesses can reduce the amount of waste material they send to landfill sites by implementing proper recycling processes. In this blog, we’ll be sharing our 5 top tips for improving your hotel’s recycling, in the hope that as businesses begin to re-open they’ll continue to strive towards contributing to an environmentally stable planet and a greener future that will benefit all for generations to come.



At TheWesley, we’re big on composting. Composting is nature’s very own way of recycling for us, many items can go into your compost heap such as; fruits, vegetable peelings, cereals. Companies can look at composing similarly to homes, using waste from the kitchen and garden to create nutrients that will help plants and flowers grow. 

Switch to eco-friendly catering disposables


Cutting out the use and waste of plastic is one way to reduce your hotel’s negative impact on the environment. A staggering 8 tons of plastic end up in the world’s oceans every year, it’s important that we collectively do our part to reduce the use of plastic. We use Vegware, which manufactures an extensive range of plant-based catering disposables which are commercially compostable with food waste, where accepted. 

Offer guests the option to re-use linen and towels 


Guests don’t always need to change their bedroom linen and towels daily, as more and more people strive to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, guests will be more than happy to make small changes and do their part in reducing the need to use water, washing machines, and dryers. So why not encourage them to reuse? 

Limit water waste


Limiting water waste not only benefits the environment but can save your business money, win-win! At TheWesley, we have installed water reducers in each of our bedrooms, you may also want to consider investing in motion sensor taps, eco-friendly hand dryers as well as other water-saving solutions that are available.

Encourage guests to get involved


If your business champions recycling and sustainability, naturally your guests and customers will begin to follow your lead! Make sustainability a part of the culture of your hotel. Make sure recycling bins are available and signage is visible, implement a reward scheme for those who re-use linen, encourage them to switch off lights and appliances when they aren’t in use. Lastly, be open to suggestions! Guests and staff may have ideas and suggestions of how you could be improving your sustainability, if you don’t ask them you’ll never know! Be prepared to take feedback onboard and together you’ll be able to take small actions that result in a big difference! 

If you’re passionate about recycling, reducing your carbon footprint, and all things sustainability then TheWesley is the perfect place for you. We don’t just talk about it, we live it. Ethical living is a part of who we are and what we do.



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