Transport Underground


The best way of exploring London is by public transport and walking. London’s underground is undoubtedly one of the most efficient rapid transport systems in the world. Main areas in central London can be easily reached by walking 20 minutes and there is no better way to explore London’s rich past.

Euston Station and Euston Square Stations are conveniently located 100 metres from the Hotel.

The most cost effective way of travelling is by using travelcards or oyster cards.

  • For one to three days, the best option will be to buy everyday daily travelcard for zone 1-2 (£12 per day) or zone 1-6 (£12 off peak, £17 peak time) for Heathrow. A single journey to Heathrow costs £6.
  • for four or more days, the cheapest option to travel will be oyster card with a preloaded amount or an oyster card with preloaded seven days travelcard. (zone 1-2 £32.10)


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