Where to book a hotel?


With so many different sites competing for attention it can be difficult to know where to look when booking a hotel. Where will you find the best deal? Who can offer the best selection of rooms? What terms and conditions are tied into your booking?

Whilst the many available online travel agents provide a quick and easy way to compare prices, facilities and more, they cannot provide the many benefits and ultimately the added value that those booking direct enjoy.

Travel sites can’t provide better rates than hotels due to a legal agreement called “rate parity” which requires all travel sites and hotels to sell at the same prices, this provides a best rate guarantee across all the sites on the internet.

Since the prices are everywhere the same, what’s the point to book directly with a hotel? Here are just a few reasons why we think you should consider coming directly to us.


Added Value

We value those who book with us directly, for those lucky ones who book through our website get following perks:

  • complimentary early check-in & late check-out*
  • complimentary breakfast on our flexible rates

*Subject to availability

Special Offers

We often have a variety of great deals available on our website, from discounted stays to the perfect packages for those special occasions. Only available when booking direct, don’t miss out on the opportunity to make the most of our current offers.

Current Offers on our website:

  • Stay 3 nights and save 15%
  • Save 20% on Family Rooms (max 4 people)
  • Save 50% on Sunday night when you book Friday and Saturday

Current Offers



Online Travel Booking sites filter communication with hotels to prohibit exchanging emails or phone numbers. Filtering messages can lead to delays or worse, the failure of important communication. When you book directly with the hotel – your conversation is unfiltered. The terms & conditions on the travel agents’ sites might be vague, not properly presented upfront and giving false price indication by not adding taxes during search.



Whether you book on Travel Site, travel agent or directly you will be always treated the same way, however you can be confident of what you book when you come directly to us. No nasty surprises.


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Still unsure? Give us a call on +44 207 380 0001 or send us an emailon reservations@thewesley.co.uk

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