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Everything You Need To Know About Video Conferencing

What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing is a real-time visual connection between two or more remote parties that simulate a face-to-face meeting over the internet.

What types of hybrid meetings events are there?

A live speaker speaks in front of a large online audience with little interaction with the online audience – similar to a live TV show/streaming on a client’s website.

Generally speaking, smaller online audiences and live speakers can interact with the audience through chat boxes/polling/Q&A/whiteboard etc.

Video Conferencing
Usually very small online participants so live participants can see and hear online participants.

How long does it take to plan?

The time frame for large webcasts/webinars is 4-6 weeks, and the time frame for smaller events like video conferencing is 1-2 weeks.

How do you integrate live and online participants?

Budget option
The second approach is to place a basic camera at the front of the meeting room in front of the speaker. The audience will not be able to hear or see the attendees onsite.

Premium Option
One approach is to place cameras in the back of the room to capture footage from behind the live speakers and attendees, making online audiences feel like they are part of the audience. Online attendees can also create unique hashtags that can be accessed through chat rooms. Q&A Stream, online polling and social media to engage with live attendees and speakers.

What video conferencing do The Wesley Euston use?

Logitech group video conference (covers budget option)

What's the difference between web and video conferencing solutions?

Both web and video conferencing solutions take advantage of the concept of multi-party communication and try to create a more engaging and productive experience. Web conferencing is great for playing a single speaker in front of a large audience, but if quality, reliability, and conversation are important to you, nothing beats a video conferencing solution.

Video conferencing platforms we can accommodate!

Microsoft Teams
Google Hangouts