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How to Avoid ULEZ & Congestion Charge When Driving to London

We have brought you five Central London car parks outside of the congestion/ ULEZ Charging zone closely situated near London Underground stations and popular Central London bus routes.

Following the governments, guidelines to “Stay Alert” and to go back to work if you are unable to work from home. A lot of us have decided to drive, cycle or walk to work to minimise the risk of the virus spreading. 

Our Top 5 Central London car parks outside of the congestion / ULEZ charging

1. Q-Park, Church Street

Is just a short walk away from Regent's Park with 146 parking spaces.
Address: Penfold Street London, NW8 8BG

2. Q-Park, Park Lane

This large car park is situated beneath Hyde Park with 981 parking spaces.
Address Park Lane London, W1K 7AN

3. Q-Park, Queensway

This car park is a short walk from Notting Hill Gate with 121 parking spaces.
Address: 26 Queensway London, W2 2ET

4. Q-Park, Tower Bridge

This car park is a short walk from London Bridge and Tower Bridge with 502 parking spaces.
Address: Gainsford Street London, SE1 2NE

5. Q-Park, Pimlico

This facility is a short walk away from Victoria Train Station with 195 parking spaces.
Address: Cumberland Street London, SW1V 4LR

For more information on the car parks facilities please click here

We have provided you below 4 bus routes that run through Central London

1. The number 26, bus route starts at Hackney Wick and ends at Southbank.

2. The number 139, bus route starts in West Hampstead and ends in Waterloo.

3. The number 9,bus route starts in Kensington and ends on the edge of Covent Garden.

4. The number 11, bus route starts at Liverpool Street Station and ends at Victoria Station.

There are more than 11,500 bikes at over 750 docking stations across London with the increase of good weather what better time to cycle to work!

To find your closest docking station click here