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Walking and Cycling from The Wesley Camden Town to The Wesley Euston

In today’s fast-paced world, taking the time to walk or cycle through the city can be a refreshing and rewarding experience. For guests staying at The Wesley Camden Town who are looking to visit our flagship property, The Wesley Euston, these eco-friendly modes of transportation not only promote well-being but also offer a unique way to explore the vibrant streets of London. Here’s a guide to making the most of your journey between these two locations.

The Journey on Foot

Distance and Duration

Walking from The Wesley Camden Town to The Wesley Euston covers approximately 1.2 miles (2 kilometres), taking about 25-30 minutes at a leisurely pace. This walk is an excellent way to start your day with some light exercise or to unwind in the evening.

Route Overview

  1. Starting Point: Begin your walk at The Wesley Camden Town, located on Camden Road.
  2. Camden Road: Head southeast along Camden Road, soaking in the eclectic atmosphere of Camden Town. Known for its vibrant market, quirky shops, and diverse food stalls, Camden Town is a cultural hub that never disappoints.
  3. Camden High Street: Turn right onto Camden High Street. As you walk, you'll pass by the iconic Camden Market and a variety of street performers, adding a lively touch to your journey.
  4. Mornington Crescent: Continue straight until you reach Mornington Crescent. Here, you’ll notice the historic Koko music venue and the Art Deco architecture that adds charm to the area.
  5. Hampstead Road: Proceed down Hampstead Road, heading towards Euston. This part of the walk offers a quieter ambiance, with tree-lined streets and charming cafés where you can pause for a quick refreshment.
  6. Euston Road: Finally, turn left onto Euston Road, and shortly after, you’ll arrive at The Wesley Euston, conveniently located near Euston Station.

Highlights Along the Way

  • Camden Market: A must-visit for unique souvenirs, vintage clothing, and delicious street food.
  • Regent's Canal: If you have extra time, take a slight detour to stroll along the picturesque Regent’s Canal.
  • St. Pancras Church: Marvel at this neoclassical building with its grand architecture as you near your destination.

Cycling Between The Wesley Locations

Distance and Duration: Cycling the same route takes around 10 minutes, making it a swift and enjoyable option. London’s cycling infrastructure, including dedicated bike lanes, makes this a safe and convenient journey.

Route Overview

  1. Starting Point: Set off from The Wesley Camden Town, ensuring your bike is in good condition and you have all necessary safety gear.
  2. Camden Road to Camden High Street: Follow the same initial path as the walking route, riding down Camden Road and onto Camden High Street.
  3. Cycle Lanes: Utilize the bike lanes along Hampstead Road for a smooth and efficient ride.
  4. Euston Road: Finish your journey by cycling down Euston Road until you reach The Wesley Euston.

Bike Rentals and Parking

  • Santander Cycles: London’s bike-sharing scheme has several docking stations in Camden Town and near Euston, offering a convenient option for those without their own bicycles.
  • Bike Parking: The Wesley Euston provides bike parking facilities to ensure your bicycle is secure during your visit.

Benefits of Walking and Cycling

  • Health and Well-being: Both walking and cycling are excellent forms of exercise, promoting cardiovascular health and mental well-being.
  • Environmental Impact: Choosing these modes of transport reduces your carbon footprint, contributing to a cleaner, greener city.
  • Exploration and Discovery: Traveling at a slower pace allows you to discover hidden gems and local attractions that you might otherwise miss.