We have taken special measures to ensure our hotel’s cleanliness is impeccable keeping our trusting guests safe. Notably our health and safety measures have been curated to combat against a diverse range of viruses, including Covid-19. Moreover our practical measures range from meticulous hand washing, pristine hygiene and cleaning product specifications to our guest’s hotel room and public area cleaning procedures.

Enhanced Cleanliness Protocols


With this in mind we would like to highlight some of our enhanced health and safety protocols for cleaning guest rooms, meeting spaces and common spaces in our property, as well as back-of-house areas.

Weekly Covid-19 Testing

notablyall of our staff get tested weekly for Covid-19 to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

PPE: Masks & Gloves

With the everyone's safety in mind our housekeeping staff wears an appropriate PPE consisting of masks & gloves.
Firstly our rooms are completely cleared out of any rubbish, used linen and towels before any cleaning and change of bedding commences.

Hard Surfaces

Secondly, once rooms are cleared out and vacuum cleaned, all hard surfaces are thoroughly wiped with disinfectant.

Cutlery & Glassware

Thirdly, we have removed most of the condiments from the rooms including cutlery glassware due to hygienic reasons, however they are available upon request and will be delivered to the room.

High touch areas

Fourthly, we pay a special attention to all high touch areas in the rooms and public areas, every button, power socket, door handle and switch are wiped with the disinfectant.

Bathroom Cleaning

Fifthly, our toilet handles, seats, shower control and faucets are wiped thoroughly with disinfectant.
Tissue boxes and hand sanitiser are available for all our guests.

Booking a day room

Booking a day room is very easy and does not require any prepayment. Whether you are a night shift worker, a jet lagged traveller or simply needing some extra rest, you are always welcome to book our double room for the day.

Complimentary Upgrade to Superior Double Room subject to availability.

Thank you for your reservation. Your reservation is confirmed, we look forward to welcoming you at The Wesley.


We are opening a new hotel in Camden. Watch this space for more details!