The Garage Cafe


The Garage

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The Garage started as an idea to spread our ideology and philosophy into an area visible and tangible to the general public. TheWesley’s garage was considered the ideal space for a conversion into an ethical and sustainable café, utilising it to its full potential. Continuing TheWesley’s ethos in terms of ethical sourcing, as well as retaining our vision of sustainability, The Garage goes above and beyond, even having furniture made from recycled materials. TheWesley has used its own resources to construct, design and create everything in The Garage. It has become a great place for Euston commuters and local businessmen and women to stop by, enjoy a hot drink, homemade food, as well as learn more about our values and responsibilities.

Urban Garden

The biggest secret of our cafe is a hidden garden just behind the Garage, where we are growing plants & herbs. It’s open to everyone!

The Art

The art in the Garage was created by talented Lydia Makin check her instagram!


Just in case we didn’t say it before…. sustainability is a serious business, all is coming sustainable suppliers!

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