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The garage started when we asked the questions, ‘how can we be ethical with our space, and how can we engage the local community without ethos at TheWesley?’

Both of these questions were answered with the words ‘coffee shop’.

And so The Garage was born.

The Garage has fast become a favourite local coffee shop, not only because of the quality that we serve but the care that we put in behind the scenes.

Our regulars love supporting The Garage because they know they are supporting Rainforest Alliance branded coffee, free-range meats sourced from local ethical suppliers and organic milk that are investing in hybrid truck delivery.



We started with the premise that we wanted to reuse and recycled as much as possible, this meant that we had to get creative with the furniture, the art, and our signage.

We created our own furniture set out of chairs being discarded from a Work Hubs, old tires from ATS Euro Master and samples tiles from a Terrazzo Tiles and together we created a beautiful table and chair set that has many passersby stop and stare.

Our signs have been made from offcuts of wood generated by work done in the hotel. And written in chalk to make them reusable. And as for the iconic tire wheel sign outside our café, that was given to us by Camden Cycle.

Even the cups and utensils you use here are eco-friendly. All our cups are compostable and biodegradable, our utensils are made from plant materials and our napkins from 100% recycled paper.

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