The TOP 5 BEST ways to make your Virtual Meetings Professional:


During the pandemic, we have all had to adjust to using virtual meetings software instead of face to face meetings. We have brought you the top 5 best ways to make your virtual meetings professional while working from home.


Test your technology


Unfortunately, you can’t always prevent technical difficulties from occurring you can minimise the risk of any technical surprises by testing your web conferencing application prior to your scheduled meetings Testing your Wi-Fi speed is another way to help reduce potential difficulties. Download the “Speedtest” app on your smartphone/tablet and run the speed test which will indicate if there are any problems with your Wi-Fi which would affect your virtual meeting.

Use a laptop, not a smartphone


We advise you to use a laptop/ desktop computer over a smartphone if possible. As laptops allow you to easily take notes and have a stable image, which is harder when you are using a smartphone and trying to balance it on your desk. There are also additional features available for laptop/desktop computer on virtual meeting software Zoom. Such as the local recording feature that allows you to record your meeting video and audio locally to your laptop.  Another feature is the in meeting host control. That allows the host of your meeting to edit, create and launch polls and also control who can share their screen in the meeting and broadcast their meeting live on Facebook.

Work from a quiet, carpeted room


It is best to work from a room that is carpeted as empty and uncarpeted rooms can make your audio sound hollow & echoey which will distract the other participants in your meeting. Rooms with carpet & soft furnishings will create the best audio during web conferences. However if the room you’re using to have your virtual meetings in doesn’t have carpet, you could put a rug on the floor and some floor pillows in the room which will help to reduce reverberation and create a warmer sound.

Turn off ALL notifications


While you are in your virtual meeting it is important to prevent distracting pop-ups either by shutting down additional applications you are running or turning on “Do Not Disturb” if you are using an Apple laptop/desktop computer. As notifications are specifically designed to break your focus and engage you.

Dress the part


When on a virtual meeting audio-only call, you may feel inclined to just leave your pyjamas and fuzzy slippers on. However, dressing professionally is a must especially when you’re on a work-related meeting. We recommend dressing as you would if you were meeting the other participant’s in person or going to work. The clothing you are wearing affects how you feel which affects how you speak and interact.