With eco-friendly accommodation and travel becoming more and more popular, the search for hotels in the capital that fosters a philosophy centered around sustainability and eco-friendly living can be tough. The Wesley Euston is the UK’s first ethical hotel, over the last 70 years our ethos is backed by our action and our key focus remains to provide ethical and sustainable hospitality.

The Wesley seeks to provide hospitality for those who want to live a more sustainable and ethical way of life. With firm foundations in eco-friendly living, although the number of customers we have welcomed through our doors has increased year on year since 2012, we can proudly boast that our C02 intensity per customer has decreased by a staggering 85% during this period. 

Cleaning rooms uses energy and water, here at The Wesley we encourage our guests to make greener decisions and have implemented internal practices such as; reduced laundry, reduced towel change over and cutting down the use of plastic as we know that every little counts. If you are looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly London hotel, The Wesley is the first hotel in the UK to hold the Social Enterprise Mark (since 2010) and we are still the only one!

Hotels everywhere are following the trend and taking the appropriate measures to ensure that eco-conscious guests are satisfied with their stay. As we all move towards an increasingly greener way of living and implement personal lifestyle changes, at The Wesley our carbon footprint has decreased year on year by 11.99% since 2010, small acts when multiplied by millions can have a huge impact and we are committed to doing what we can, where we can to provide sustainable hospitality for our guests. 

TheWesley has been recognised by Camden and Islington Council’s annual business awards on numerous occasions, for water usage in 2017 and procurement in 2019. We are also long-standing recipients of the Green Tourism Gold Award which promotes ‘greener ways for businesses and organisations to operate’ in ways such as; saving water, reducing energy use, and eco-friendly waste disposal. We take great pride in our efforts to maintain being the UK’s first ethical hotel and we believe that we can all make daily choices that impact the environment and world around us in a positive way. We may not be able to do it all but by making conscious decisions and implementing changes to our lifestyles we can create change and encourage those around us to do the same.

Here are some changes you can implement to support us on our mission to keep things green:

  • Investing in a reusable coffee cup or water bottle 
  • Switching off the lights when you are no longer in a room 
  • Taking public transport or cycling, especially for short journeys
  • Investing in a reusable shopping bag instead of buying plastic  
  • Recycling waste and reusing what you can (e.g glass jars, bottles, and materials)