Hilda Porter founded the Methodist International house in 1950, originally to welcome international students to the UK who were otherwise unable to find affordable accommodation in cities such as London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham. In the late 1990s, the Methodist International House gave birth to the new social enterprise organisation, Methodist International Centre (MIC) and moved to a building in London Euston which we now know and love, now known as The Wesley Hotel. It is amazing to think that our hotel started as a basic student hostel with basic hotel accommodation and conference rooms. One thing that hasn’t changed over the last 70 years is our self-funding sustainable ethos which is still part of our key values and company focus. 

Since 1950 what is now known as The Wesley has supported tens of thousands of students who have received financial support including accommodation and hospitality as a direct result of Hilda Porter’s vision. This work is very much alive and well today. The Wesley Euston in its present form addresses the need for hospitality for those who in their everyday life are seeking to live more ethically and sustainably.

The Wesley Social Impact:


  • Gift aid of all profits to support the Methodist Church’s educational activities.
  • Increased employment opportunities with growing ethical hospitality.
  • Learning and development culture epitomised by the Investors in People Gold Award. Fair payment to employees and all stakeholders. 

TheWesley Environmental Impact:


  • Green Tourism Gold Award
  • Recycled all food waste since 2012
  • Camden Council Carbon Champion
  • BREEAM Excellent rating for a new hotel in Camden Town opening in 2022
  • Clear environmental policy since 2010; monitors and tracks carbon footprint

The Wesley’s story actually goes back much further though to Methodism’s founder John Wesley. 226 years after his death, John Wesley‘s philosophy is as relevant and inspirational today!