Perhaps you’ve found yourself twiddling your thumbs at Euston station whilst you wait for your train or maybe you’re visiting London and happen to stumble upon Euston. Whatever the reason for your visit, rest assured there is plenty to do and see. With an array of historical monuments, parks, and eateries just a stone’s throw away from Euston station, there’s no reason not to make the most of your time in Euston.


The British Library


If you are a lover of books then this first one is for you, housing over 25 million books and 170 million items, the British Library is home to artifacts from every age of written civilisation, no biggie at all! Being the national library of the United Kingdom, the British Library gives access to the most comprehensive research collection. So why not get lost in a novel in one of the library’s reading rooms or perhaps check out some of the interactive exhibitions they have on.

For more information on the British library CLICK HERE!


TheWesley Hotel


The Wesley Hotel


Although London is known for its hustle and bustle it is also home to The Wesley Hotel, the UK’s first ethical hotel. Not only is The Wesley located centrally with great transport links, the hotel fosters a philosophy centered around sustainability and eco-friendly living, which is great for those exploring the city but wanting to live a greener way of life. The Wesley is the perfect spot for those who are committed to sustainable living however if accommodation is not what you are after, why not check out the dining options The Wesley has to offer. The Garage café sources tasty sustainable treats and is open from 8 am-8 pm Monday to Saturday and 8 am -pm on Sundays. 


Camden People’s Theatre 


Camden is known for being a hub of creativity. Camden People’s Theatre is a space dedicated to nurturing early career talent who are creating unconventional theatre. The theatre focuses on making non-text-based productions at affordable prices as well as providing workshops and classes for the local community. If you’re looking for something unconventional or fancy trying your hand at expressing your creative flare head on over and see what’s on. 

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Speedy’s Sandwich Bar & Café


If you’re a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes you’ll remember his ‘Baker Street’ pad, which is in fact located in Euston, next door to Speedy’s Sandwich Bar and Café. This quaint café has become somewhat of a tourist hotspot for Sherlock fans who flock to it, enjoying refreshments from the very place that fed the cast and crew of everyone’s favourite Detective series. If you decide to visit, be sure to try Sherlock brekky!


The Bloomsbury Theatre & Studio


A trip to the theatre is always memorable. Whilst in Euston, treat yourself to an evening of art and culture and experience some of the magic the theatre can bring. The Bloomsbury which is owned by UCL showcases theatre, music, dance, comedy, and everything in-between and is no stranger to household names. Check out what’s on!

For more information on Bloomsbury Theatre CLICK HERE!


Euston War Memorial


Euston War Memorial

Visit Euston’s iconic war memorial located, 190 Euston Rd, London NW1 2EF.

So there you have it, those are our top picks for things to do if you find yourself with a free

afternoon in the area of London Euston. We hope you enjoy exploring a new area of the

city, there is so much to do here! We hope to see you soon…

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