Green Team


Our green team is the heart of TheWesley hotel. They are the reason our recycling program is so effective, they are the reason our power usage is our carbon footprint has declined by approximately 21% since 2009.


They work tirelessly to ensure that the sustainable and ethical principles that are the core of the Wesley and are the leading force for change inside our hotel. And while it would be easy of us to credit them with every eco-friendly decision made by the hotel, and they most certainly did have a hand in it all, we wanted to spotlight some of the things they have done behind the scenes that doesn’t get enough attention.


Our green team workers are responsible for eliminating chemicals in the hotel that produce a carbon footprint, they guided us in the switch over to Lotus Pro, which transforms tap water into toxin-free cleaning spray that turns back to water after use.


The green team has also been promoting that our employees cycle to work to reduce carbon footprint and to encourage healthy lifestyles and wellbeing within our workspace. They have even looked into getting a bike rack for staff to use.


Because of their encouragement, we promote our stainable beliefs not only on our Twitter but in our hotel rooms with information for the guests to read and get informed. They help educate new employees on Eco practices that they can use both in the hotel and at home.


Having a Green Team to work on Eco-friendly issues in an ethical and sustainable hotel might seem a bit of an overkill but having a team whose sole focus is on the Eco and sustainable projects feels as natural to us as having an accounting team to keep an eye on the revenue and expenses.

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